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Board Member Bios

Murray B. Davis 
NFJA Board President, Director of Marketing, Co-Founder

Murry DavisRecently appointed by the Board of Directors as executive director of the Great Dads™ project initiative in Michigan, Mr. Davis is also the founder and former executive director of Dads of Michigan, a volunteer, nonprofit, responsible parenthood education organization. 

He is also the co-developer of the Dads Toolbox Series© of responsible fatherhood education for teenage, divorced, and unmarried fathers. As an educational leader with several organizations, the combined coalition formed an educational support advocacy dedicated to keeping both biological parents actively engaged in the lives of their children despite divorce and custody and believes children typically need both parents involved to develop into healthy, productive citizens.

Both Michigan's previous governor and its current chief justice of their Supreme Court have honored Murray with appointments to the Michigan Friend of the Court Bureau Advisory Committee and the Michigan Child Support Leadership Council. 

He is a frequent radio, television talk show guest and special report/op-ed contributor to the state newspapers. He has previously served on the Board of Directors of the Coalition for Family Preservation (CFP) and the American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC). Mr. Davis is a former IBM and Ameritech marketing executive and a local technology businesses employer. He is also a victim of marital paternity fraud.

You can reach Murray at (313) 937-3453 (phone/fax) or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jane Spies, M.S. Ed. 
NFJA Co-Founder

Jane Spies, M.S. Ed., is a longtime advocate for fathers, mothers, families, and children. She has a B.A. degree in psychology and a master of science degree in education in general guidance and counseling. Spies has studied research methodology and psychiatric epidemiology. She worked on two nationally-funded mental health research studies.

Spies has worked successfully for many years in public relations, most recently working as Director of Public Relations with U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud. She has also worked with a national non-profit organization and noted authors. She has years of experience creating and successfully pitching story ideas and prospective guest ideas to national and local television, print, and radio, resulting in placements on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, Court TV, The Montel Williams Show, National Public Radio, PBS, and many others. She is also a published writer.

Jane Spies was founder and president of a corporation that produced, marketed, and distributed a critically acclaimed educational videotape series, which Spies executive-produced. This video series can be found in many public libraries across the country, as a result of her creative marketing and P.R. strategies.

She was a certified childbirth educator and taught Lamaze classes for 7 years.

Spies is experienced in organizing successful national peaceful protests, and is dedicated to helping to effect positive change for families and children.

You can reach Jane by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Advisory Board Member Bios

Dianna Thompson 
NFJA Co-Founder, Advisory Board Member

diannaDianna Thompson is a nationally-recognized expert on families, stepfamilies, and on divorce-related issues. Dianna is an authority on domestic policy as it pertains to men, women and children. A long time political analyst and lobbyist, Dianna specializes in working on both sides of the aisle, on both the state and federal level, with governors, state legislators, and bureaucrats, from California to Washington, D.C. -- to ensure fair and equitable policies for men, women, and families.

Dianna has testified all over the country on legislation that affects families and was the Chairman of the Family Law Reform Committee in Los Angeles, CA in 1991. Dianna has made dozens of local and national television appearances, including the NBC Today Show, NBC The John Walsh Show, CNN, CNN Financial Network, Fox News Live, Montel Williams, MSNBC, and Court TV's Catherine Crier. She has also made hundreds of radio appearances, including on National Public Radio, Radio America, Talk America, ABC Radio, CBS Radio, the Jim Bohannon Show, the Dennis Prager Show, the Lionel Show, the Mike Gallagher Show, the John & Ken Show, the Bill Handel Show, the Jason Lewis Show, the Tom Leykis Show, the Chris Core Show, and the BBC.

Dianna's columns have appeared or she has been quoted in hundreds of major newspapers and magazines, including Time Magazine, Redbook, Jane Magazine, the ABA Journal, Smart Money, Black Enterprise, Insight magazine, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Newsday, the Orange County Register, the Detroit News, the Washington Times, the Boston Globe, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Washington Post, the Newark Star Ledger, the Miami Herald, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Christian Science Monitor, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the Sacramento Bee, the Tulsa World, the Houston Chronicle, the San Diego Union Tribune, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the New York Sun Times, the Chicago Sun Times, the Cincinnati Post, the Seattle Times, and the Associated Press.

Dianna's columns have appeared or she has been quoted on hundreds of websites including WorldNetDaily.com, Newsmax.com, RushLimbaugh.com, Townhall.com, Foxnews.com, ABC.com, CBS.com, MSNBC.com, Salon.com, Pravda, JewishWorldReview.com, GOPUSA.com, Heritage Foundation, iFeminists.com, CatholicExchange.com, Yahoo.com, CybercastNewsService.com, and MensENews.org.

Dianna believes that the most significant social problem facing America today is father absence, and yet the greatest and least recognized force behind America's epidemic of fatherlessness is the way in which courts routinely deny fathers shared parenting, ignore access and visitation denial complaints, and allow a parent to move away with their children.

Dianna believes that children's needs can best be met when both parents are actively and positively involved in their children's lives and advocates for shared parenting because it accords equal rights and responsibilities to both parents while promoting the best interests of children after a divorce.

She is the President and Co-Founder of Women Against Paternity Fraud (www.womenagainstpaternityfraud.org) and has lobbied and testified all over the country on the need for paternity reform.

Dianna is a sought-after speaker and has spoken all over the country regarding shared parenting, gender issues, child support, access and visitation denial, paternity fraud, and other divorce and family related issues.

You can reach Dianna at her email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Carnell Smith 
NFJA Co-Founder, Advisory Board Member

cas headshotCarnell Smith is the MISSION POSSIBLE STRATEGIST, Paternity Fraud Expert and Lobby Coach that has helped many women and men facing confusing laws, jail, prison, loss of (income tax refunds, asset accounts, home, vehicles, licenses, credit score), reduced ability to feed/clothe their own kids, dine out or take family vacations because of paternity fraud.

Carnell is a dedicated and loyal, husband, father, grandfather, summa cum laude graduate of DeVry University, Engineer and Mission Critical Escalation Manager that refused to be silent and became the international spokesman against paternity fraud. He won his family’s freedom after the Supreme Court of the United States declined to hear the constitutional issues by using the new Georgia law that he successfully lobbied for.

Carnell, as the President of his solution focused consulting firm has written model law, consulted on legislation in more than 10 states. He was featured as the guest expert on DR PHIL, Fox Business News, CBS Early Show, CNN, MSNBC, ABC World News, Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, UNIVISION, Fuji TV Japan, TIME magazine, Harvard Crimson Review, Georgia State Law Review, American Bar Association Family Law Quarterly, Reason Magazine, American Conservative, Divorce Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, Men’s Journal Magazine, ABC Radio with Michael Baisden, NPR Radio with Tavis Smiley, Paul Harris, Michael Smerconish show, Frank Ski and Wanda show, Rolonda Watts show, Jesse Bond Show, Al Sharpton show and many other media outlets.

Carnell has more than a decade of experience as an expert guest, coach, mentor, advocate, speaker, workshop leader and is a frequent contributor to TV, radio, news, magazine and film projects.

Carnell founded the Citizens Against Paternity Fraud advocacy group, founded the 4TRUTH Identity DNA Center to help women and men with maternity, paternity and Immigration issues, co-founded the National Family Justice Association (NFJA) 501(c)3 organization, and also created PaternityFRAUD.com and 911DNAtesting.com.

Carnell is creator of the "Naked Truth UniversityTM workshop series, Operation Social Impact and Powered For Victory programs and co-creator of the first National Paternity Fraud Survey project.

Join the mission at CarnellSmith.com | 678-753-5215 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Atlanta, GA