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Mission Statement

The breakdown and destruction of American families is on the rise. The NFJA mission is to provide educational information to legislators, policymakers, the media, and the public on the destructive laws and policies that are negatively affecting families nationwide.

It is our belief that some of the negative consequences to families that exist are unintentional. These consequences are based on erroneous information and can be remedied by educational efforts that present the truth by shining the light on injustice. It is our belief that when the general public is aware of the family injustices that exist today, the public will demand positive change for families from their representatives and elected officials, and policymakers.

One of our goals is to accurately and fairly expose injustice and questionable practices affecting families today. When equal rights for parents become the norm, we will see equal responsibilities follow which will ultimately benefit children and society.

Unnecessary and unfair state intrusion into the private realm of the family, where the civil rights of parents, children and their basic liberty interests are ignored, should be abolished.

NFJA will educate and seek reform for situations involving: parental abduction, "visitation"/parenting time, child access denial/interference, move-away situations, unjust adoptions, and fraudulent paternity establishments.

Based upon research and studies:
  • WE encourage the involvement of both biological parents in their children's lives; emotionally, physically, and financially; particularly after divorce or family break up.
  • WE believe that shared parenting (or joint physical custody) in custody cases should be the norm and would result in decreased trauma and negative effects for children and families while preserving equal rights and responsibilities for both parents.
  • WE believe that many of the problems for today's families stem from opportunistic and overzealous agencies, companies, and/or special interest groups that unfairly profit at the expense of families and children.
  • WE aim to remind society that men and women are equally capable of loving children, and children love and need their fathers as much as they need and love their mothers.
  • WE encourage family court and legislative policies that encourage - and do not obstruct - the achievement of relationships with both parents for children, who will thrive in this environment.
  • WE believe that fraudulent paternity establishment (paternity fraud) is destructive to families and that reform is urgently needed. Allowing paternity fraud to exist demonstrates how money, and not the well-being of children, has become paramount in some agencies' view of fatherhood.
Our greatest goal is to help offer positive solutions to some of society's most difficult, yet most important, problems relevant to families and children.